America’s Favorite Foods: Several Things Never Change

Americans are a fascinating mixture of cultures and cuisine aficionados. We like sushi, Chinese and Mexican food, Italian restaurants and designer coffee drinks, yet if this will get right lower into it, you will find couple of surprises. We purchase the same basics that have been around for many years, due to the fact we develop in it, they are offered in school lunchrooms, and they’re around every corner.

Overall there aren’t any surprises here which list has witnessed little alternation in decades, so let us begin with the large Ten of America’s overall favorite foods (no veggies around the corner):

Hamburgers – because the first White-colored Castle opened up, i was hooked

Hotdogs – the all-American food

Fried Potatoes – can’t do much to enhance these

Oreo Cookies – chocolate nick cookie enthusiasts will disagree

Pizza – plenty of toppings, however the base continues to be the same

Sodas – like a nation we guzzle all of them day lengthy (not technically a food, however)

Chicken Tenders – we all know what junk food chain began everything

Frozen treats – thank foodie president Thomas Jefferson with this one

Donuts – breakfast of champions

Poker chips – the most popular treats, hands lower

Mac and cheese (yes, Thomas Jefferson also introduced this)

Apple Cake – existed in certain form for hundreds of years


Colas – because the first soda fountain opened up, they’ve maintained their status

Lemon/Lime drinks – since Americans discovered lemons, a fizzy variation of excellent old lemonade

Dr Pepper – first considered a medicinal tonic (much like cola) still it includes a loyal following


Berries-since man started gathering wild berries within the forest (it is a toss-up-some surveys will argue it’s bananas or apples)

Apples – simple to grow and transport

Bananas – no washing needed

Grapes – cost can differ, but nonetheless wonderful, especially seedless


Broccoli – serious doubts here, however, many surveys insist

Corn – most likely America’s first native veggie but still up there

Taters – due in no small part to Fried potatoes and poker chips

Tomato plants – the bottom for ketchup (the most popular condiment) and thus a number of other foods

Eco-friendly beans – what’s to not like?

Chocolate (no real surprise the very best five are chocolate-based):

M&Ms virtually tied with

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut – peanuts, caramel – nougat – the very best of everything

Hershey’s – Milk Treat – can’t enhance that

Package Kats – crunchy and fun

Chocolate corn – at Halloween, without a doubt

Frozen Treats flavors:

Cookies N’ Cream – area of the Oreo craze

Chocolate – only a continuation of America’s romance with chocolate anything

Mint Chocolate Nick – refreshing

Vanilla – so versatile and also the first step toward many treats

Cookie Dough – a family member newcomer when compared to original vanilla

Unlike most groups, cost plays a significant role with Sea food:

Shrimp, which still tops their email list, would unquestionably be much better in consumption when the cost was lower

Salmon – a remote second (but probably the most popular purchased at restaurants)

Tuna – beloved sandwich filling in addition to eating out

Tilapia – frequently bashed as “dirty” will still be economical, light, simple to prepare

Best-selling Cold Cereals:

Cheerios – both Honey Nut and plain

Frosted Flakes – sugar already put into old-timer corn flakes

Small-Wheats – likewise shredded wheat – sugar-coated and smaller sized size than original

Special K – touted like a “diet” food, we are able to still fool ourselves when we don’t add sugar

And also at Starbuck’s, the Frappuccinos rule:

Triple Mocha Frappuccino – cannot must much chocolate

Coffee Frappuccino – the fundamental which began everything

Double Chocolaty Nick Creme Frappuccino – obtaining a little complicated here

Caffè Mocha – is better than lattes – gotta obtain that shot of chocolate

That’s it. Like a foodie nation, we’re still conservative and stuck inside a rut, once we hang on to our old standards for convenience, cost, habit and merely plain taste. Try not to we like to live vicariously whenever we watch cooking shows, eat cookbooks and feel adventurous whenever we frequent ethnic restaurants. Although an assorted country of numerous backgrounds and cuisines, exactly the same foods stand the ages. so we may not be into haute cuisine but we certainly enjoy our native foods towards the max. And that is all right around.